New HSU Shuttle Makes Student Shopping Easier

This semester, Humboldt State University Student Life has started offering free shuttle rides to students to different Eureka locations. 

Shuttles pick up students from HSU at the College Creek Marketplace and the Jolly Giant Commons. They run every first and third Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., with the last pick up at 4 p.m.

“Right now we are focusing on the 5 main destinations: Target, Old Town Eureka, Bayshore Mall, Winco/Michaels, and Henderson Center. Between these locations, we feel that we hit most of the major shopping locations,” said Molly Kresl, the Student Life Coordinator at the Office of Student Life.  “Our goal is to bring students to locations where they can stay at least an hour to ensure that students are not waiting around for extensive amounts of time.”

Kresl noticed that many students have been expressing their frustration about access to stores and affordable shopping. 

“I sit on a campus committee called the institutional programming model which brings together campus staff and students who facilitate campus programming,” Kresl said. “One of the sub-committees brought this idea up as a way to address this need.”  

 The Office of Student Life agreed that this will be a great opportunity for incoming students, those without transportation, students living on campus, and others. 

According to Kresl, the first shuttle of the semester on Sept. 19 was a success. It had over 30 students utilize the service and the two vans drove about 300 miles throughout the day. 

Students can access these shuttles by signing a release of liability, which needs to include their student ID number. Students must do a wellness check before boarding and must have submitted their vaccination verification or received a medical or religious exception through the HSU Health Center. 

Kresl shares that if there are any requests, students can send a direct message on Instagram or email You can find information about the shopping shuttles @hsu_studentlife on Instagram or by calling (707)-702-1762.

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