HSU’s plan for spring semester classes

As spring semester approaches, class format has been on students’ minds. Humboldt State University is planning for the 2022 Spring semester to continue offering online courses and doubling the number of face-to-face courses at the institution.

“The Spring Schedule has not been drafted yet,” said Dr. Carmen Bustos-Works, Interim Associate Vice President of Academic Programs at HSU. “Chairs are in the process of making the Spring schedule, and we should know, probably in two weeks, what those offerings will look like in the Spring 2022.”

During Fall 2021, HSU offered hybrid and hyflex courses in both synchronous and asynchronous formats. Approximately 35% of courses were already face-to-face.

The difference between the hyflex and a hybrid course is that the hyflex course allows students to join in-person and/or remotely. In a hybrid course, students are expected to attend in-person but the course will have some remote elements. Synchronous courses mean the students meet for a live course at a set time. Asynchronous courses are not done live and students do not meet at a certain time.

“January we are anticipating to continue to see an increase in on-campus student life,” said Jenn Capps, Provost for HSU, and Eboni Ford Turnbow Dean of Students. “Therefore, as we start to assemble the spring 2022 schedule we want to let you know that HSU is planning to offer approximately 70% of courses in a face-to-face modality next semester and continue on our trajectory to safely and thoughtfully repopulate our campus.”

Capps and Turnbow shared that students will have the course schedule only two weeks prior to registering for Spring 2022 at HSU. This means students must take this into account before registering and deciding their future living situations.

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