California Governor Gavin Newsom Recall Update

Over the past year, a growing distaste for Gov. Gavin Newsom has sparked a recall election.

Newsom was once a well-liked official, having won the 2018 election by an overwhelming margin. However, things have taken a turn.

Some Californians are angered at Newsom for various reasons. Ranging from how he has handled the pandemic, California’s ongoing housing crisis and the astronomical cost of living. This recall election alone is costing county and state election officials a whopping $276 million to organize.

“It was a complete waste of our state’s money,” said Jordan Humphrey, a longtime resident of Arcata. “Newsom has made some mistakes, but not enough to justify over a quarter of a million dollars.”

Forty-six candidates are on the ballot to replace Newsom as the Governor of California. There are politicians, celebrities, a cannabis advocate, and even a shaman on the list. More than half of the replacement candidates come from the republican party.

“This recall election is an egregious effort in trying to turn our historically blue state – red,” said Dayton Wyss, a Humboldt State University student.

Voters are asked two simple questions on the ballot: If they believe that Newsom should be recalled, and if so- by who? Even if Californians vote to keep Newsom in office, they are still able to vote for who they would want his successor to be. It is encouraged to pick a replacement in the case he is successfully recalled.

Currently polls are showing a slight favor to keep Newsom in office. However, an overwhelming number of people have already casted their votes for Larry Elder as a replacement. Elder is a conservative radio talk show host and former attorney. The official election for Governor will be November 2022. If elected, Elder would have the authority to replace members of major state boards and even cancel state vaccine requirements.

“If he wins I’m worried that women’s health care is going to be even less of a priority,” said Ali Vakili, HSU alumni. “Focus on climate change efforts will shift, and the education system will be less of a priority.”

Whoever wins will play an enormous role in the direction California takes when it comes to public health, the economy, and quality of life.

Things to know:
Ballots are due on Sept. 14 by 8 p.m. in drop boxes or mailboxes
Vote in person between Sept. 4 through Sept. 14
Mailed in ballots must be postmarked by Sept. 14

Drop Box Locations:
• Humboldt County Office of Elections —
2426 6th St, Eureka

• Ray ’s Food Place — Willow Creek 38915
Hwy 299, Willow Creek

• Murphy ’s Market — Trinidad 1 Main St,

• Murphy ’s Market — Glendale 1451 Glen-
dale Dr, McKinleyville

• Ace Hardware — McKinleyville 2725
Central Ave, McKinleyville

• Murphy ’s Market — Westwood 100 West-
wood Center, Alliance Rd, Arcata

• Murphy ’s Market — Sunny Brae 785
Bayside Rd, Arcata

• Murphy ’s Market — Cutten 4020 Walnut
Dr, Eureka

• Ray ’s Food Place — Fortuna 2009 Main
Street, Fortuna

• ShopSmart — Redway 3430 Redwood Dr,

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