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Bilingual tidepooling on May 2 at Trinidad State Beach

A bilingual tidepooling event will be held on Sunday, May 2 from 10 a.m. to noon. The Trinidad Coastal Land Trust, an environmental conservation organization in Humboldt County, is hosting the event at the Trinidad Pier. Daisy Ambriz and Michelle Kunst will lead the event and aim to inform the public about life in the intertidal zones, while making it more accessible to the Spanish-speaking community. Attendees should come prepared for the water and weather with extra layers of clothing (socks, jackets, etc) and wear rain boots or shoes with a good tread because they will step in and out of water and on rocks, which can be slippery.

Q : What is tidepooling?

Kunst:  Tidepooling is the exploration of the intertidal zone, so the place between the high tide and low tide, and place where there is a huge diversity of animals and plant life.

Q: Why are tidepools important?

Kunst: Just the fact that they are living species means that they matter and they’re important…  it’s a really cool place for people to experience because so much of the ocean, and it’s life, is completely inaccessible to humans if you don’t have access to a boat or scuba diving equipment. The intertidal zone and the tide pools are just a really great place to visit the ocean, and experience the wonder and the beauty of life that lives in the ocean.

Q: What are the COVID safety protocols on this event?

Kunst: We are permitted to allow up to 15 people together, which is what I’m expecting this year. Everybody will be wearing masks the entire time, and there will be an outside breeze, and we can be pretty distant. And then there’s some field guides that we might be sharing. 

To participate, register in advance. For more information about this event go to TrinidadCoastalLandTrust.org or contact Michelle Kunst via email at michelle@trinidadcoastallandtrust.org or phone (415) 717-1838.

Featured photo by Reagan Walker

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