Justice for Josiah Lawson Committee urges the community to demand justice

Statement from the Justice for Josiah Lawson Committee

Dear Humboldt County community members, 

Now more than ever we need your presence. If you are outraged, angered, saddened, numb, or disheartened by the recent grand jury decision, take these emotions and propel them into action with us. Collectively we have power, and together we demand justice. Join us on the steps of the Eureka Courthouse on Friday, March 15th @ 5:30pm.

People who are the least impacted by the news of the inability of the DA & APD to do their job, we need you, we need your energy and privilege. If you have never shown up, but always wanted to, now is the time. 

If you or your family have suffered an injustice or have been impacted by the Humboldt County’s DA’s office or law enforcement, we stand with you. Join us and protest. As Charmaine Lawson has said, “This is bigger than justice for my son.”

If you are tired, saddened, numb, and most impacted by this decision, we have your back, we support you. We will not stop.

Charmaine Lawson is a testament to love, strength, and faith. Be motivated and empowered by her light. She will not only fight for justice for her son, but she is also fighting for justice in Humboldt County.

Knowing the genocidal history of Humboldt County with the arrival of white colonizers, acknowledging the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, and the lack of solved cases in Humboldt County, Charmaine knows she is not alone.

When Black Lives Matter there will be true justice.

Justice for Josiah.

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