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Soy Artista: Supporting local music with Daisy Crew Shows

When J.D. Garza isn’t working at Cal Poly Humboldt as a career adviser, helping students find resources for their success, he is doing the same with community members in the Humboldt County music scene through “Daisy Crew.” 

As a singer-songwriter himself, Garza founded Daisy Crew in September 2022 with the intentions of helping other musicians and people who want to work in the industry.

“I want Daisy Crew to act as a resource to support our local community and the people that live here,” Garza said. “What I want Daisy Crew representing is using whatever privilege, knowledge, advantage or opportunity that I’ve gotten myself and passing it along to other people.”

As of right now, Daisy Crew’s primary service is booking shows for local bands. They have hosted shows at popular venues in the area such as Siren’s Song, Blondie’s and Outer Space. 

Garza originally got into booking and helping other musicians when he was only 14 years, when he started booking shows in his parent’s backyard.

Garza started playing in bands and booking shows in high school. | Photo courtesy of J.D. Garza

He would message the other bands, “Hey if my parents are okay with it, can you come and play in my backyard?” He began hosting frequent house shows, and it would bring in people who usually weren’t into hardcore music because there was nothing else to do in the suburban area.

His mom loved the experience and would host the bands, making them food and talking with them.

“My mom actually hung out with the bands longer than I did!” Garza said.

His family played a major supportive, influential role in his journey. Garza originally got into music when he taught himself how to play his sister’s recorder and guitar.

“My sister sort of fashioned my love for music and wanting to play,” Garza said. “I think the willingness to pursue music and Daisy Crew shows has been because of how music fostered my development growing up.”

Garza has been in music roughly 20 years and his original work fits within the indie, emo and acoustic genres. His six-song EP “Into The Woods” can be listened to on all streaming platforms and the name “Daisy Crew” actually came from his merchandise as a solo artist.

Garza’s key advice for those wanting to get into music is to attend more shows in your local area and striking up conversations.

“We’re doing our community a service by supporting local acts,” he said. “If you haven’t found anything cool, you just haven’t been looking right. Let us help you.”

Daisy Crew intends to advocate for more inclusive, safe spaces in Humboldt music, especially for those from marginalized communities.

“We want you on our stages. We want you involved. Music is about sharing your perspective. I think what we’re trying to do is making sure these spaces are inclusive not just for attendees, but for people who are trying to get involved,” Garza said.

Besides booking shows, Garza would love for Daisy Crew to provide connections and resources for people who want to get started working in the music scene, such as providing documents to send to venue owners as a local act and helping photographers approach artists and set fair prices for their services.

Garza hosted a local music meet-up for all community members interested in working in music. | Photo by Kianna Znika

On April 27, Daisy Crew co-hosted a “Local Music Meet-Up” with PinUp Presents, a production company, at Arcada for everyone who wanted to learn and connect with people in the local music scene. This included musicians, promoters, photographers, producers, venue owners and anyone else who aspires to work in music. 

This was the first time Daisy Crew hosted a local music meet-up but Garza plans to host more in the future. 

“There’s a lot of nuanced conversations that seems to be gatekept in the music industry and the entertainment industry,” Garza expressed. “Daisy Crew is meant to uncover the things that have been gatekept.”

Daisy Crew can be found on Instagram at @daisycrewshows . Those interested in booking a show can reach them at daisycrewshows@gmail.com.

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