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Live from Humboldt County, it’s local events online!

While everything has seemed to stop in the world of events, local places are taking advantage of live streaming platforms. This comes after many in the country have started using Facebook Live and Instagram Live to broadcast what they normally do in person.

Humboldt is no different, as well-known local events have started to make the jump to the platform.

Local DJ Lorna Brynat, who regularly performed at The Griffin in Arcata, has made a transition to streaming via Facebook.

“Vanessa, the owner of The Griffin, was preparing a live DJ event for the place with to-go menus. I decided I’ll do it from my living room,” said Bryant. “I’m allowed to still share my love for music and my love for interacting with people. All while in slippers!”

Bryant has done events alongside The Griffin including a Sunday Brunch event back on March 29. Bryant is happy about the response as well.

“I usually start early to get people coming in and each time it keeps growing. It’s cool that I could be the backdrop or the soundtrack for someone’s day or their walk,” Bryant said. “People are looking for joy and happiness in between all the pain and illness. If I could just do a little bit to help them, then I’m doing pretty okay.”

“It has connected people all across the world so far and allowed us to continue to have a space for expression for our community every Tuesday still.”
-Dylan Collins

Bryant does face a challenge streaming on Facebook due to copyright issues. “The greatest challenge is Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook and Instagram. They will bring you down for copyright unless you are Questlove or D-Nice.”

“I found a workaround to it for more popular songs,” Bryant said. “I added taiko drums to change the beats and it worked. I was able to mask the copyrighted material a little bit. It was all beatmatching.”

The Arcata Theater Lounge began to live stream its schedule as well. Owner Joe Ostini was quick to make the transition by hosting live DJ events on Facebook and YouTube.

“For me it was within the matter of a week. It took a little bit thinking about the logistics of it and if it was something we could feasibly do with the theater. I had never done live streaming before. I researched how to do it and had help from local places,” Ostini said.

The atmosphere has changed from the usually packed venue to near-emptiness.

“It’s been interesting to bring in the DJs and the dancers to an empty room. There are few of us walking around while listening to them. However, Ostini found a benefit from it all.

“When it’s a bigger event, I’m usually running around, but now I get to sit and enjoy it. It’s really cool to have them there and the space for them,” Ostini said.

Yet, Ostini hopes things will turn out better as time passes.

“For us, it is still a little uncertain as we move forward in time seeing as there have been no real updates to businesses like us that rely on gathering,” Ostini said.

“I don’t see any plan in place to lift the order. We are optimistic and hopeful, but we are not sure how this will affect our business. It’s gonna be trying to say the least.”

Ostini said the next event that would take place at the Lounge if it reopens is their Fuego event which is a night of dancing, reggaeton, cumbia and bachata.

Bryant hopes things do get better as well with a nice celebratory end of sorts.

“I would love for it to be a big party. I don’t know what the next is. I can’t wait to get back into The Griffin,” Bryant said.

“It’s a safe space and I love being there. It’s run by powerful badass women. These badass women have a beautiful passion, a love for each other and a love for the community.”

Word Humboldt is another event that made the transition from coffee shop open mics to Instagram Live open mics, with many sharing their poetry via the app and Zoom video calling.

“It has connected people all across the world so far and allowed us to continue to have a space for expression for our community every Tuesday still,” Dylan Collins of Word Humboldt said.

The transition to live events has not been the easiest, but local performers and venues are still willing to share a form of entertainment and normalcy.

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