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100 Songs for Your Graduation Carne Asada

This six-hour playlist has 100 songs for your upcoming carne asada, whether it be with family or friends!

The playlist has songs that hit every mood you feel at a carne asada. The different and important moments of the party: the welcome, the eating while dancing in your chair, the full-on dance, and the emotional end, where everybody is drunk and crying – that happens and signals the end of great carne asada party.

The Welcome

These songs are the ones that are playing as you wait for your guest to arrive and/or as you welcome them to the carne asada. These songs determine the energy for the rest of the party. A good array of songs in the beginning can ensure for a great time throughout the next stages of the party. Example: “Si Una Vez” by Selena

The Eating

These are the songs that are upbeat but not so much that it makes people want to get out of their chairs to dance, and leave their plate of food to get cold. These songs are what I like to call “chair dancing,” meaning they might make you wiggle and do some upper body movements as you’re sitting. Example: “La Camisa Negra”- Juanes

The Dancing

This is pretty self-explanatory. These are songs that you hear and you automatically have to get up, drag the person sitting next to you up, make your way to an open space and start dancing. Once, one person is up then the rest follow and next thing you know you have a small dance party. Example: “La Chona” – Los Tucanes De Tijuana

The Emotional

These are songs that are played usually as the night comes closer to an end and the age-appropriate alcohol drinkers have had a little too much to drink. They belt these songs at the top of their lungs and leave their family wondering, who hurt them? Example: “Por Que Me Haces Llorar”- Juan Gabriel